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WTF Moments in Motorsports

Funny and Unusual October 18, 2017

WTF Moments in Motorsports


Wild and crazy moments in racing. This is only part 1. Don’t miss out on part 2

Big Chief Wins 100 k- Shane Crashes

Street Outlaws October 2, 2017

Big Chief Wins 100k – Shane Hours for one hell of a ride.


Big Chief, Shane, Bird Boys , and Chuck mix it up for $100,000!

It’s amazing what these guys can do in an 1/8 mile dragstrip.  They sure have come a long way.

1500 hp 4 Cylinder…. 80 psi !

1320 Video September 24, 2017

1500 hp 4 Cylinder…. 80 psi!

This is one bad machine! RED DEMON with 1500 horses!


Put up or shut up episode 2

Put Up Or Shut Up September 16, 2017

Put up or shut up episode 2

Turbo Acura Integra Destroys it

1320 Video September 6, 2017

Turbo Acura Integra destroys it

Two wheelies in 1 drag race Mustang kills it in 1/8th mile

Videos February 23, 2017

Two wheelies in 1  drag race? Mustang kills it in 1/8th mile.


Watch as this racer holds his foot to the wood. Kudos for such an Awesome win. Didn’t win the entire competition, but seems to have earned some internet fame.

The NEW 840 hp Trans Am?

Performance Cars October 29, 2016

Why not take an ordinary Camaro and make it into a fire breathing screaming chicken like you’ve never seen before?

Welcome to Trans Am Depot. Where you can buy a custom supercharged Trans Am making a whopping 840 horsepower! Beautiful car with real muscle. Just what we like at Racepartsunlimited.