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DATE 11/25/2017

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Sonora, California 95370

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Hello, We are now offering authentic "vintage" Race Car & Hot Rod fiberglass bodies and parts. While we are a new company, our roots are very much in the past. Most of our molds are from some of the oldest companies in the business & were used to create some very famous cars! Like our '32 Austin Bantam ("Pure Hell") - Fiat Topolino ("Magic Muffler", "Milodon", "Mondello & Matsubara") 2 versions of the "Marcellus & Borsch" 23 T, "Deuce" roadster, 27 T roadster, 23 T "Tub" & 2 other T "Buckets" all original "Fiberglass by Cal Automotive" molds..... our Austin A-40 sedan and pickup are the original "Contemporary Fiberglass" molds.... We have '40-'41 Willys components and a '23 T with 1 opening door from Jim Kirby's "Challenger Components" molds.
Others are molds that were made from some very famous cars, like our chopped 33 Willys, pulled from the original 'Brasher & Cummings' Gasser by "Pacific Fiberglass" in 1980.... All were made by some of the oldest "fiberglass hands" in the business...
We also have about 50 part numbers in our "Scoops & Spoilers" section that are original "A&A Fiberglass" molds. These range from the early Gasser & Super Stock stuff thru the "Dyno Don" & "Sox & Martin" Pro Stock up to some of the early 90's Aero stuff... Also Corvette, Camaro & Mustang "Muscle Car' scoops like the L-88. Z-L1, Z-28, Cobra Jet, etc. Rear Spoilers for '67 - '81 Camaro, Universal & a few 1990's "Aero" style.
Are you building a "period correct" vintage race car or Hot Rod? What could be more correct than Hand Laid Fiberglass from molds with this history? We are going thru great lengths to restore each and every one of our molds. Our aim is to deliver to you the EXACT SAME PART that you would have bought way back then... To that end we are working closely with some of the "founding fathers" of this industry....
Check out our selection of fiberglass dashes... like the "Cal Automotive" / "Magoo" Model "A" dash....
We also have '58 & '63 Corvette Go-kart bodies - Austin A-40 "roadster" pedal car/go kart (copied from the original factory pedal car!) - '41 Willys coupe and pickup "mini" Go-kart (35" wheelbase) - 41 Willys coupe, 32 Ford & Austin A-40 baby stroller bodies!
The website, is up and running, not complete but we hope to be soon...
We are working on a printed catalog, right now we do have a rough draft in .PDF format that we will email out to anyone that asks for it....

"Ken's Cal Automotive



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