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DATE 10/01/2017

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Calhan, Colorado 80808
$ 9,000.00

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1977 RB Big Block 542 Cu Inch, Max Plus Heads W/Aluminum Roller Rockers (Bigger ports, Bigger Valves, = Bigger Flow) Bigger than Max Wedge heads. 210cc Intake Ports, 84cc Combustion Chambers, 2.20"/1.81" Valves, 1.55" Hydraulic Roller Valve Springs. Max Lift: .650" lift rating. Exhaust Valve Diameter 1.810 in. with angle plugs. These are raised port heads, Stock intake configuration but raised for the increased runners and valve clearances. Polished Jesel timing belt.
Bore is 4.350 Inches, Stroke is 4.565 inches.
Camshaft – Comp Cams 23-601-9 Thumper Cam .5568 Int Lift/.5424 Exh Lift. Int Dur @ .050 Int 235 exh 249. 102 deg centerline, lobe separation 107.0. Cam bearings are steel backed Clevites. 1.6:1 Pro-Comp Offset Rocker arms.
RPM 4340 “H” Beam connecting rod – 7.1 in. 11:1 Compression Pistons – Forged SRP Inv Dome @ 24.9cc Compression Height is 1.339 in balanced @ 569.8 grams. RPM Range is 2500 to 6,200 rpms.
Will seperate heads from block. Price of block without heads is $8,000.00 Price of heads separate is $1,700.00. Together I will sell for $9,000.00.



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